Is Grig Messenger Free To Use?

The GRIG application is free to download and use for guest users in “receive mode”- you don’t need an activation code to receive messages from authorized users. You can apply for a Beta Version activation code in our Telegram chat. Please visit our Products page to learn more about how to acquire an activation code.

What's the benefit of buying Grig Tokens?

You get to use the Grig application for free! To get a promotional GRIG license, you’ll need to purchase and hold at least 1,000 GRIG Tokens in your GRIG wallet. The Tokens are not spent by this purchase, and you’re free to sell them on one of our participating Crypto Exchanges if you decide to quit GRIG. Please join our Telegram group to follow the news.

Is Grig Messenger available for IOS devices?

GRIG is not available for iOS devices at this time, but we expect to release an iPhone App before the end of Q1 2020.

What are the chances that Grig Messenger private chats will be intercepted & decrypted?

None to our knowledge. This is why we’ve positioned our product as the most secure messaging platform in the world today. In fact, we’re unable to decrypt messages ourselves since all messaging data is stored only in RAM memory of across multiple random nodes. No hard disk will ever record a single letter of what our users type.

Other messaging platforms also offer private chat encryption. What makes Grig Messenger different?

There is a fundamental difference between pull through and core competency products: We have designed the know-how product tailored to the consumer that demands absolute and uncompromised privacy, that’s exactly why we have announced a Reward to the person able to break in our network and decrypt the message in our Hack Grig Contest.

Why is the analog dial panel used to type in the PIN code?

DTMF is an analog, dial-tone format not visible to most surveillance systems. It is transmitted over the network as a sound frequency and is not recorded by digital hardware. It is available for paid user only.

Why do I have to use a picture file to type a text message over it?

We have implemented a sophisticated encryption logic which requires using picture format to encrypt and transmit messages. The data can’t be intercepted with an attempt to decode, and even if it is intercepted it’s perceived as a meaningless puzzle. There is not decryption software nor hardware power in the world sufficient to handle the task of penetrating this security method.

Can I copy a text from another application and paste it into my Grig Messenger text window?

No, you can’t. When you copy text files, your device caches the data and keeps it. The text data can be intercepted then by the spy software on your device and sent out to the bad guys. Theoretically, you are safe when using brand new or fully reset device but we are not advising you to take such risks unless you are IT savvy enough to make sure you are working in safe environment.

What is RandomBoard?

RandomBoard is our proprietary keyboard design with floating, jumping and randomly placed symbols. We did it to distract the key-logging malware designed to steal your typing record – it is present on 90% of devices and in fact is incorporated in most of operating systems by manufacturers and is designed to record and store all your keystroke activity in system logs.

What is asymmetric cryptography?

The principal of asymmetric cryptography is much easier to grasp once you understand the symmetric one. With symmetric cryptography the sender keeps the secret key and sends the encrypted file to the owner of the public key (address) – then the public key holder is faced with a problem of getting the secret key to the recipient over the Network, which is highly unsafe thing to do. With asymmetric cryptography it’s different, the recipient is the only one who possesses the private key and all senders have the access to the public key only, which they can use to encrypt the message but yet unable to decrypt it themselves. This way the private key is not transmitted over the Network at any point in time.

What is a single-device-single-time (SDST) decryption event?

The SDST decryption event is an algorithm that makes sure the message is decrypted and viewed on single device and only one time, it is made possible through on-device Key generation – the Secret Key never leaves the device. This way there is no opportunity for a bad player to pair the connection and clone the signal to another device.

What is cross-authentication?

Cross-authentication is the method when the PIN codes of both users to be entered in order for the message to get decrypted – the recipient’s first and then the sender’s. The recipient’s private key is activated only after the sender enters his(her) PIN code in. This is a final touch of unprecedented security level on our Masterpiece – the Grig Chat.