Defense-grade anonymity, privacy & security based on our proprietary APSaaS model.


Easily communicate internationally with built-in translation in 5 major languages.


Send money to friends & colleagues using our built-in crypto payment system.


Scale from a single-user personal license up to tiered corporate or government accounts.

Protect Your Online Privacy

This year, over 2.5 billion online accounts will be hacked and consumers will lose $1.48 billion to cybertheft. Businesses are impacted even more – losing over $300 billion in revenue & 2.1 million jobs to industrial espionage. Online theft happens more than you’d think – but it doesn’t have to happen to you.

Grig is an ambitious project dedicated to produce a cutting-edge mobile platform providing highly secure messaging, translation & payment capabilities. Unlike popular consumer messaging apps, Grig was built from the ground up to deliver the highest level of security, privacy & anonymity possible, which helps to ensure that your most sensitive conversations remain private.

Boasting a defense-grade protection schema, the Grig mobile application employs true end-to-end encryption featuring secure communications tunnels and a multi-layered security model. We’ve tested, re-tested & refined every aspect of the app to ensure that only yourself and your authorized recipient can view private conversations & chat data.

Grig is more than just secure. In today’s world, international communication & payments are more critical than ever. That’s why we’ve designed Grig with built in language translation and cryptocurrency payment options, allowing you to communicate across language & financial barriers with ease.

Security, Privacy & Anonymity

Quit worrying about security, struggling to interpret messages, and losing money to overpriced wire-transfers. Grig streamlines & secures your personal communications and ensures your safety.

We designed the Grig application from the ground up to be as secure, private & anonymous as possible. No matter how sensitive your application may be, your privacy will never be compromised.

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Translation & Payments

Instant messaging is international, but today’s chat tools aren’t built for it. Grig changes that by introducing built-in translation for 5 major languages, along with cryptocurrency payment tools.

Easily send money to friends & family overseas without the wire transfer fees – and communicate seamlessly across cultures without struggling to interpret what’s being said.

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Uncompromising Security

For most messaging applications, security is an after thought. Grig is different, because we incorporated our philosophy of uncompromising security, privacy & anonymity into every single design decision that went into creating Grig. The result is remarkable: a completely new approach to mobile messaging that protects you like ever before.

We’ve gone beyond the transport layer and encryption at rest security models to incorporate not only top-line IT security into Grig, but also behavioral security features as well. Grig protects you from cybertheft, and it does it by protecting you against inadvertent security slips you might make.

Grig is loaded with cool features like “over-the-shoulder- look free” mode, chat window pin code lock, “fake pin code – message erased” feature, “create ecosystem”, and few other tools you can find only in Grig, providing users with unprecedented level of privacy and security.

Our team is led by experienced cryptography and mobile security experts with a proven track record of successful project. They’ve been working diligently to create the friendliest and most secure messaging ecosystem available on the market today.